Equipmentbogimac portfolio of material fatigue test equipment



IFG Friatester TI/TTH test of diamond grit & mesh on impact friability conform to ANSI B74-23.

High frequency FriaTest ball-mill impact testing of superabrasive grit & mesh crystal strength. Friatester conform to the ANSI B74-23-2002 (R2007) for comminution of diamond & CBN grit & mesh superabrasives Extended speed range for classic 2400 rpm 1 low speed for low impact impact on ceramics & low load high cycling superabrasives Classic horizontal and vertical operation for higher impact effect.
Abrasive & superabrasive grit of :
- carbide
- ceramic
- diamond
- cbn
- hard-metal


Bend Rotation

Bend-rotation reverse bending

BRS5-250 five head, metal wire of 30µ to 0,80 mm (& related cord).
BRS5-600 five heads, metal wire of 0.50 to 1.50 mm.

High speed fatigue cyclic flexing by rotation bending of fine cable, cord, rod & wire Industry specific Bend Rotation tester with wire/cord bended in specific geometry :
- Hunter
- Schenck-Stuttgart
BRS5-250 version is equipped by default with the ultra-sensitive break detection sensor to test the finest wires, down to diameter of less than 40 µm
Reverse bending of :
- aluminium wire
- aramid & other man-made fibers
- steel wire, cord & cable
- tungsten wire
- medical stainless wire & cord



Fiber & steel wire,composite, cord, fabric & belt

BSC2-3k with dual heads, sheave force up to 3000N, speeds up to 1080 rpm (18 Hz)
BSC5-3k with 5 heads, sheave force up to 3000N, speeds up to 720 rpm (12 Hz).

Fatigue flexing over wheel in simple or reverse bending under tension commonly known as :
- Bend over Sheave
- Shoeshine tester
Fatigue bending testing :
- wire over pin
- cord & cable over sheave
- belt, tape over wheel
- tire rubber composite

Sample belt vulcanization mold

VMH sample belt sample vulcanisation mold with positioning & tensioning of single reinforcement layer.

Vulcanisation mold for reinforced rubber samples for the Bend-over-Sheave test
- single or dual layer samples
- plunger mold type for constant rubber quality by controlled vulcanisation pressure
- precise interply and intraply positioning of the reinforcement layers
- equal tensioning of reinforcement during vulcanisation

Wire rope oscillating bend-over-sheave under tension

BSCU-9k6 for cord & rope d <=8 mm, up to 10 Hz bending frequency.
BSC5-3k for cord & belt, 5 heads, sheave force up to 3000N, speeds up to 12 Hz bending frequency.
BSCD-120k for general purpose load carrying rope d<= 16 mm at high D/d ~ 150

Bend over Sheave test equipment for bend-tension fatigue testing of wire rope :
-flexible rope constructions on sheave diameters with D/d <= 1mm - 8mm.
-stiff rope constructions on big sheave diameters of D/d <~ 150 for load carrying & offshore rope.

Rope multi-sheave polygone bend-over-sheave

BSP2-4k8 for cord & rope d <= 5 mm, up to 48 Hz bending frequency.

Fatigue flexing under combined variable tension & bending load with cable on sheave contact behavior The cable is bend over multiple wheels, mounted on a rotating disc. High speed testing possible on remaining strength at more than 40 Hz.


Timing and Power Synchro Belt

Timing belt & synchro belt transmission power

PSD-4k8 medium power synchro powerbelt.

High power life testing of transmission belts of type synchrobelt, timebelt
Fatigue by :
- pulley radius bending
- radial pulley load
- transmission torque
- tensioner pulley bending


Static tensile test

Tri-wedged clamp

CWT custom static tensile test wedge clamp for cord and rope, avoiding sample clamp breakages.

- For use static tensile tester, special design to avoid sample breakage in the clamps
- FEA optimized smooth and equalized clamping of cord, cable & rod


Clamp for traverse contact force

CTC-piccolo 2N - 15N
CTC-soprano 10N - 140N
CTC-alto 100N - 1000N
CTC-basso 700N - 7kN or 700N - 14kN

-Multi-axial loading of rod material by traverse pressure load on classical tension test
- Define traverse strength, internal stress level or remaining resilience of rod & wire



Machine control unit

- embedded control unit
- boROS hard realtime multi-tasking OS
- industrial device & machine application framework
- serial (RS232, MODbus, CAN) fieldbus communication

Human Machine Interface


- standalone netbook and Machine HMI on touchpanel PC
- Data-acquisition, processing & graphical representation of results
- Save and load test receipts
- Remote support diagnostic & software upgrading
- Test automation
- Test chain wizzards
- USB & network based data sharing & monitoring

Early Warning & Adaptive Control


dynaLyse EWAC using integrated sensors & DAQ technology to :
- "early warning stop" to enhance the understanding of the sample degradation in an early state
- "adaptive control in closed loop" eg of chamber or sample temperature.
eg IrTx sample temperature measurement is in many cases a "must to have" to maximise the "testing experience".
dynaLyse DAQ data acquisition unit with signal conditioning, scaling, filtering & Fourier transformations, statistical processing & graphical representation.
The same system can be extended to dynaLyse CAL enabling on site calibration of the machine feedback system. Integration on the machine HMI or standalone Netbook PC

Climatic conditioning

AF - RH50 - A25

Our machines can be optionally equipped with integrated climatic conditioning.
- AF Ambient (fan cooling)
- A25 Arctic (-25°C < T < 0°C, dry)
- RH50 Tropic (+50°C, 90%RH)
- T75 Desert (+70°C, dry)