bogimac is a machine engineering company, incorporated in 1991 and located in Grimbergen (Belgium) close to the Brussels Airport. It is specialized in design-to-manufacturing of high dynamic mechanical & mechatronic machinery for mechanical material testing.

Our activity initiated on 10 years of challenging experience in research & development of high speed textile weaving machinery for the world market. Our company started in 1991 on R&D and engineering of mechatronic controls, devices and machinery for the manufacturing industry.

With 30 years of further experience in innovation and renovation projects, the full dedication of our multidisciplinary team of highly motivated engineers goes to the design-to-manufacturing of world-class equipment for the mechanical laboratory of material manufacturers.

We design modern equipment for dynamic testing of materials, empowering our customers in the validation & quality of their own innovative products.

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Tire Technology Conference 2020 (24/2/2020, Hannover, DE) Full day "Tire & Rubber Reinforcement" course   •   Tire Technology Expo 2020 (25/2-27/02/2020, Hannover, DE) Bogimac presentation & stand "2002" in Hall 2   •   Wire 2020 Expo (30/3-3/4/2020, Duesseldorf, DE) Bogimac stand "9E01" in Hall 9   •   IRC 2020 Conference (15/10-17/10/2020, Chennai, IN) Bogimac presentation & stand "A50"


Material Fatigue Testing Equipment

We focus on dynamic Material Fatigue Testing Equipment creating new testing standards matching the material's field usage :

- flexible like "band, belt, cable, cord, rope, strip, tape, textile, tire, wire, yarn"
- materials like "abrasive, aluminium, coated, composite, copper, cotton, man-made, plastic, steel, tungsten"


Empower your product innovation

Application fields : - steel wire manufacturing
- high flex electronic cable
- composite tape on a wheel flexing
- lift & hoisting cable
- flex printed circuit board material
- rope and cable with man-made fiber, steel wire based or combination
- flat, V & time power belt transmission
- bulk transport belt
- steel & aramid tire cord and fabric reinforcement
- textile reinforced flexible rubber products
- high frequency impact to test friability of abrasive powder